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L♡VE Heals Tee L♡VE Heals Tee L♡VE Heals Tee

L♡VE Heals Tee

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Our Love Heals tee is a product of the month-long campaign held for World Healing. We asked our audience to submit artworks, inspired by "love heals."

The winning piece is by Sabrina Bosco.  @comfortablefields ~ଘ⁽( DIVINE LOVE )⁾ଓ~ 

Proceeds will be donated to the following charities ––
BLACK LIVES MATTER ~ NATIONAL BAIL OUT ~ BROOKLYN BAIL FUND (along with various bail funds nation-wide) 

Screen Printed with Embroidery on back ~ 100% Cotton ~ Made in New York.  

*PLEASE NOTE –– This is for preorder, to allow 3-4 weeks for shipping. 

 “Possess everything in the world, be attached to everything material. But you will never experience true peace, until you merge with Love." –– Dr. Joseph Michael Levry


Due to Covid-19, we now have a temporary no-return/exchange policy for any items bought during this time. 

A note on sizing